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Meet your sweet

Meet your sweet

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Make Women Want You Now

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Monday, March 27, 2017

The Rise of Adult Entertainment

The Rise of Adult Entertainment

By Steve H.

The Rise of Adult Entertainment

Exactly what constitutes the Adult Entertainment Industry is anybody’s guess because it is not defined in any quotable and reliable source.  But for the sake of narrowing it down into an understandable and usable marketing backdrop, let’s just say it at least includes some big players.  While it certainly includes The Porn industry, the sex toy industry, the women’s and men’s lingerie industries, the ED pill treatment industry, the sexual enhancement supplement industry, the adult services industry, and a plethora of other lesser known and used retail products and services.  A headline on Forbes recently read “How The ‘Niche’ Sex Toy Market Grew into An Unstoppable $15B Industry”. listed annual revenue of the Adult Film Industry at $13.3B.  A Huffington Post article headlined Porn sites get more daily visitors than Netflix, Amazon, and Twitter combined. recently published an article titled “Porn industry’s billion-dollar new frontier,” in which a conclusion of one of its contributors referenced a growing interest in connecting sex toys with porn. And finally, in a current version of Grace and Frankie, according to, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin pitch sex toys for older women in a hilarious new trailer.

The bottom line seems to reflect that Adult entertainment in almost all categories is growing by leaps and bounds, and most knowledgeable prognosticators unanimously predict more of the same.  Some serious numbers are being put on the board, around $100B, and with the addition of Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Virtual Reality, and many other forms of new presentation technology, those numbers will seem pale to the ones achieved by the end of the current decade.   It is safe to say on a global scale; Adult Entertainment is and will continue to be a major player in the economy.

What has caused this widespread proliferation of the Adult Entertainment market, which until recent years was an ugly stepchild of traditional retail?  First, societal norms concerning sex have changed enormously in the last couple of decades. Both men and women have come out, so to speak, and are openly exhibiting a very positive attitude on sex in their lives as well as being much more tolerant of the value of sex in the lives of others.  The judge mentalism that once predominated the sexual conversation has waned considerably.   It still exists in political and religious pockets of the population, but now a day, those pockets of dissenters are very likely to be avid users of the industry wares.  Today sex is no longer shameful in any way unless it is used in conjunction with physical, emotional, or mental abuse.

Second, as in all things, the internet has been a driving force in exponentially moving these numbers upward.  In the old days, Porn was delivered via 8mm movies of insanely poor quality, and only if you could find a place to buy it.  Slowly it shifted to Betamax to VHS, to DVD, and finally to download and TV broadcast.  And, this trend will continue with the new forms of the presentation we describe earlier.

All in all, Adult Sexual Entertainment is usually inexpensive, comes in a variety of formats in which one is limited only by their imagination, is readily available, and can be consumed in a variety of manners.  Adult Entertainment reflects the advancement of the human condition, a concept we have embraced as people since the beginning of time.

Steve H.

Steve H. Is the CEO and Co-founder of Adult Online Market and DeathByDildo.Com . He Currently resides in Scottsdale Arizona with his Wife Beth.iz

Tuesday, March 14, 2017



Rodeo Rider

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Death By Dildo?  Ok so nothing here  is going really bring about your death... But, boy what a nice way to go if we could. But does Life or Please End after 50?, 55? Or for that Mater, 65 or 75,,,and Beyond We asked Dr. Pepper Schwartz that Queston. Here is Someof what he had to say:

With or without a partner, sexual aids can add to the pleasure

The Safest Places to Buy Sex Toys
Discreet shipping keeps your business your business. — Istock
Q: My significant other and I have been together eight years. We didn't have sex often, but I was satisfied with the emotional closeness. Soon, however, for health reasons, he no longer could have sex.
Now, I arouse myself and sometimes get an orgasm. Are there other women my age — I just turned 80 — who use masturbation for sexual satisfaction?
A: Yes.
Many research studies — including a 2010 study by AARP — found that a majority of women masturbate, as do almost all men. True, rates of self-arousal slack off for both women and men after age 70. But pioneering sex researchers Masters and Johnson found that people who had been sexual before that milestone continued to be sexual even into their latter decades. Often that means masturbation, with or without a partner.
Because manual stimulation to reach an orgasm may not create the same sensation that intercourse does, however, you may want to experiment with a vibrator to stimulate nerve endings in the clitoris and vagina.
Of course, no sex toy can create the deeper emotions you derive from a sexual connection with the man you love, but vibrators do a great job of delivering pleasure.
Q: Where does one find sex toys? I'm too embarrassed to go into a store, and I'm afraid to Google anything that will give my computer a virus or start bad sites messaging me.
A: You can order from an online site, but be careful. A reliable site will respond to your order confidentially and deliver it in a discreet package, is a great site with thousands of items in stock and easy to shop for.

Pepper Schwartz, AARP'org.s sex and relationships adviser, answers readers' questions submitted to thenakedtruth@aarp.

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